Faith and Families in Education

Mission and Vision Statements

The Values Foundation for Faith and Families in Education upholds the centrality of faith and traditional family values in British education.

The Values Foundation will:

Promote the importance of faith-based values as well as the values of the traditional family in education.

Be the voice in Westminster for those who are sympathetic to faith and family values.

Represent groups and individuals who support the traditional family without being faith-based themselves.

Provide support to faith education providers and groups supportive of traditional families.

Become the representative organisation to be consulted at the formative initial stages of new education legislation and policy.

Advocate for and on behalf of faith and family supportive groups as well as paving the way for those groups to advocate for themselves.

Ensure that the Government, DfE, Ofsted and others acknowledge the central importance of faith and family ethos according to the Fundamental British Values Statement established by Lord Alton in 2014.

Give faith and family supporters the central forum to support faith and family.

Promote and publicise the historic values of the family and a contemporary vision of sound family and community values as a tool in improving mental health, social welfare and generating economic improvement via the education of the next generation.

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