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Director of The Values Foundation – Judith Nemeth – speaks to Radio 4

  On Radio 4’s Sunday programme on 24th February, Harry Farley reported on the concerns of many Orthodox Jews, as well as those of other religious families, regarding the Government’s plans on Relationships education. Values Foundation Director, Judith Nemeth, spoke of how religious educators want to comply with the law yet have serious problems in teaching […]

The need to Reaffirm Traditional British Values

By Rabbi Mordechai Rose Modern liberal society has created a new system of values which it believes are superior to those of any society that has existed up until now. The primary principle of this system is that the individual should have the freedom to do whatever he or she wants — as long as […]

The Public Benefit of Belief

Why policies should favour education that respects families with faith backgrounds By Roger Kiska Introduction “Thou shall love thy neighbours as thyself” embodies the Judeo-Christian principle commonly known as the ‘Golden Rule’. Immanuel Kant notes that this external commandment to further your neighbour’s welfare from good-will that is immediate and not derived from motives of […]

The Meaning of Values

By Timothy Vince November 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the Armistice following the War to end all wars, when there was – and still is – a consensus that Britain and her allies were fighting for the preservation of shared values in the face of tyranny. During the Second World War, the Directorate of […]

Religious Liberty

By Dr James Orr We are, nowadays, predisposed to think that the language of rights and equality is synonymous with the language of justice and goodness. We who believe in a free and plural society used to think that rights were meant to protect difference and ensure equity between those of different dispositions, faiths and […]