Questions to ask candidates and education issues to keep in mind

All the political parties have made election pledges, in their manifestos, relating to education and schools . The Values Foundation has put together a graphic presenting key information from the three largest parties HERE, regarding values in education .

During the 2019 UK General Election campaign, many General Election candidates will be knocking on your door, speaking at hustings and talking to you online. When they come calling it’s your opportunity to question their plans. Many organisations which support faith and traditional family values in education, as part of their mission, have put together their own set of questions. Listed below are a set of questions that The Values Foundation has put together concerning some of the most significant issues we have identified in the current educational scene. These questions can support your conversations with your candidates to help you hold them to account:


1. Do you support the promotion of traditional family values in schools?

2. Should faith schools continue to exist?

3. Should new Free Schools be allowed 100% faith admissions?

4. Is home education a good alternative for parents who do not agree with school policy?

5. Do you support the confusing and unscientific gender identity teaching that is currently taught in many schools?


Questions we have asked the main parties

The Values Foundation is witnessing increasing concern from parents and educators regarding the way family values are being taught in schools, especially where this conflicts with religious beliefs on the traditional family. Ahead of the General Election, we have written to all the main parties to establish their respective positions on the following questions:

1. In order to prepare children for life in modern Britain, do you support the promotion of traditional family values?

2. Should faith groups have a voice in education policy and does your party support the creation of more faith schools?

3. There have been no new Catholic free schools established since the imposition of the 50% cap. Should Free Schools be allowed to accept 100% faith admissions?

4. Parental rights are being ignored in many schools. This will result in an increase in home education. What place does your party see for home education in the course of the next Parliament?

5. How does your party view the confusing and unscientific gender identity teaching that is currently being delivered to children in many schools?